Representative of Computer Engineering


    Rawezh Ziad, Representative of Computer Engineering class of "2013". It’s a honor to be a graduate of Tishk International University, being in Tishk International community always gave me a reassured sense as it was a big family. It's a great opportunity for me to be a student ambassador of my class because it’s a significant chance for me and my colleagues to stay connected with this sophisticated community. Now as alumni representative I am looking forward to serve Tishk International community as much as I can.     Nwekar Najm, Representative of Computer Engineering class of "2014". It is a [...]

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Representative of Business and Management


Karwan Tallat, representative of Business and Management class 2015. While I was a student, I spent active, depressed, happy and awesome moments. I learned many important things from those valuable moments which expanded my skills and knowledge for future. Now, I am representative of alumni and I am trying my best to satisfy and encourage them. I encourage them to keep their contact with University especially Alumni Office. In my last sentences I want to say. Before I talk, I want to listen to them Before I leave, I want to struggle for them  

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