Alumni Office of Tishk International University organized a Career and Entrepreneurship Orientation workshop on Thursday, May 11, 2019 for the all TIU alumni with the cooperation of Top Mountain Organization. This was one of series of social and academic events that Alumni Office arranges to encourage and empower TIU Alumni.

Generally, the workshop provided technical expertise for alumni focused on recruitment, capacity building, workforce development, communications, management, and operations. The career and entrepreneurship orientation were delivered by recruitment and business development experts from Top Mountain. The presentation is designed to prepare alumni to have a greater understanding of resources for starting a business and finding career opportunities. Especially in Entrepreneurship, CV writing and Employment resources. Workshop consisted of two sessions, first session presented by Miran Dizayee, Operations Director of Top Mountain responsible for project delivery and the second session presented by Michael Rothe, Country Director of Top Mountain responsible for business development and program design.

Lastly, Alumni office once more affirmed again the full support of TIU to its Alumni students to improve themselves and become leaders for next generation and serving the society.