“With today’s multiple distractions catching our youth’s attention, I will provide the support I lacked” says dr. Ilaf G. Yasin, honoured graduate of dentistry department with 3rd position, in Tishk university Erbil city.

Dr. Ilaf is currently a dental practitioner, chief officer and representative of Iraq at World Dental Network, an organization founded in Denmark by dental scientists and activists. Dr. Ilaf also has a history of being a life coach and personal trainer, co-founder and writer of a dental health magazine, general manager in a health organization, as well as being a member of multiple international organizations.

Tishk university was pleased by invite this inspiring young lady as a speaker, and offered her a Certificate of Appreciation.

“I believe in the potentials of youth in Kurdistan, being likewise, or top other countries with talents!” says dr. Ilaf, Presenting a seminar on “Deontology in 21st Century” and opening the eyes of students on career options, and how to attain them through correct attributes, behaviors of which made a connected life of fun with righteousness, possible.

The young people ended the seminar with a selfie recording “did we have a good time?” “Hell yeah!”.