Ali Adnan Mohammed, Selahaddin Eyubbi College and Tishk University alumnus, currently a teaching assistant at the surgery department of Tishk University, has always been a biology and science enthusiast.

Being in Selahaddin Eyyubi had opened scientific opportunities for him. In 2009, he participated in INPO, a national scientific project olympiad. His project was about the transmission of pathogenic bacteria by computers and digital devices. The process of experimentation made him realize his passion lied in the medical field. That year, Ali won the first place in INPO and was awarded a gold medal. Later on, he took his project to an international level and participated in INESPO, an international scientific competition held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He won the third place there and was awarded a bronze medal.

In 2010, he started his journey at Tishk University’s department of Dentistry. During his college years, he tried to be

more than an average student. He was involved in charity and volunteer work, as a member of KDHO: Kurdistan Dental Health Organization. He participated in international congresses in every chance he was given, and is a member of IADS: International Association of Dental Students and .

During his college years, he was athletic and was a member of the football team of the faculty of Dentistry. In his 4th year, he reached the university football finals with his team.

In the last years of his journey, he realized he was passionate about surgery more than any other branch of Dentistry. He then began focusing on surgery by participating in surgeries inside and outside the university. At the moment, he is taking the first step towards becoming a dental surgeon by being a teaching assistant at the surgery department of Tishk University.

Alumni Office wishes him permanent success in his career and a happy long life