Our alumni Dilvia Mirkhan from civil engineering department presented a speech about Limstone Environment. She generally talked about introduction to Eco-cement, concrete and environment, green concrete and its application.

At the beginning she talked about Eco-system PLC (Portland Limestone Concrete) which is a type of concrete with materials as a partial or complete replacement for cement or fine or coarse aggregates. This type of concrete provides excellent performance but has a lower environmental impact than PC (Precast Concrete). Eco-cement is a new type of Portland cement being developed to solve the municipal and industrial waste problem caused by limited availability of landfill sites

She also talked about the importance of concrete in our daily live. Cement production emits CO2 and other air emissions, and the extracting of raw materials produces local impacts such as noise and dust.

The main reason of using eco-cement is because emits less CO2, cost effective, reduce solid waste, Improved workability less bleeding and lower overall heat of hydration and more durable concrete.

Prof. Dr. Bayan ended a presentation by giving honor certificate to Ms.Dilvia.  Finally we thank Ms. Dilvia for such a useful presentation.