Lava Ali graduate from ELT Department gave a speech to freshman students about “How to Speak English Fluently and Confidently”. She gave seven secrets about English language and learning tricks.

The first secret was about listing to English continuously which help you in recognition of the words. Human beings brain is like a sponge which absorbs all the information. In one sentence is the more input the more out put you will have. Listing again and again will store the information in your brain.

Secret number two is not thinking about grammar while you are speaking because even native speakers can do grammar mistakes. Grammar is important especially in writing, but grammar rules may stop you from speaking. In some cases you prefer not speaking because of some grammatical mistakes. Even if your grammar is not good, you can still speak. Even in native language you first learn the language then you learn about the grammar. In the third secret she concentrated on phrases and idioms that native speakers use in their everyday language. She continued speaking about correct way of learning vocabulary and understanding them in the right context.  Then she emphasized on learning the daily life conversation in her fourth secret like studying the real conversation that will happen in the real situation.

Confidence is another secret which has a direct role in learning English. You should not shy or feel nervous while you speak even if you make mistakes. If are confident, you fell positive and the output will increase. The more positive the more output you have. The other secret is having fun while you speak English. You should stop thinking about every single word that you do not understand because it is not fun and you will give up. The last secret is learning English in native speakers speed. Train your ear by listing to native speakers English from beginner to advanced level.

Seminar was very motivate and joyful for the freshmen students of ELT department. Mrs. Lava passed through the same stage that now they are trying to pass. Some of lecturers of ELT also participated in it like (Mr. Pashew and Mrs.Nergiz), as usual the seminar ended by giving our honor certificate to our alumni.