Raeda Rashid Adday graduate of Law department presented a speech in heading “Entrance to the Science of Law”. Raeda was one of the top students at the Tishk International University and graduated with the first place.

The speech was for freshman students and the aim was to give them a brief idea about law and its parts. The speech generally focused on the meaning of the law and its sections.

First she gave a small definition of law which include law in general sense and law in narrow sense. Law in general sense are designed to regulate the behavior of individuals within the community group and the associated sanctions expect the overall authority of opposes.  Law in narrow sense is a set of binding rules issued by authority.

She then continued by explaining the relation between the right and law. Right is a monopoly of a certain person but law determines the right. The aim of the law is to show the right and release its ranges.

Additionally, she talked about the two sections of the law, which has two sections private and public. Private law is the legal rules governing the relationship of individuals’ whether they are legal or natural. But public law is the legal rule that govern the relation and contract in which the state is the part of the expense of the owner. We can say it is sovereignty and authority.

She concluded the speech by talking about some sources of the law like legislation, Islamic law, custom and discretion of a court. Students asked some questions at the end and the professors thanked her for such a useful speech. We as alumni office pleased to see our alumni at the university.