Alumni Office visited first dentistry graduates, class 2014 at Dental Collective with Mr. Ercan Sezer, Educational Consultant of Dentistry Department and Dr. Bushra Rashid head of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics. 2We are as Tishk International University pleased to see our successful graduates at their work place. The aim of the visiting is keeping and strengthening the relation with our graduates and informing them about Alumni Office and its activities.

Alumni were happy to see their lecturers visiting them. Dr. Bushra and Dr. Ercan made a quick speech about the aim of the visiting and introduced Alumni Office. Our office has many projects and activities this year. We strongly recommend our entire graduate to visit alumni office and inform us about their requests.

 Graduating is not leaving everything behind; it is opening a new door. It is not an ending of university life; it is an ending of student life.