Alumni Office arranged a reunion for the 2015 civil engineering unemployed graduate.  The gathering was about presenting Alumni Office and talking about its opportunities. One of our unique opportunities is providing our graduate with suitable jobs. Our office in corporation with career center works hard to minimize the rate of the unemployed alumna. Some lecturers participated like Prof. Dr. Bayan Salim, Mrs.Ghada Alsakkal, Dr.Ganjeena  Khoshnaw, and Head of Department Mr. Barham Haydar. Also two research assistants Naz Noori and Mohammed Qader joined us.

This reunion helped us to know in detail information about civil engineering alumni. It started with collecting some information about their career life. This helps us to know each alumna better, so that we can provide them suitable jobs.

The gathering continued with talking about Alumni Office and its opportunities.  Dr. Ganjeena appreciated the graduates for showing up and being in contact with the university. The graduates were pleased to see their lecturers and their colleges.