Dania Banna graduated from Tishk University IT department in 2012-2013. She was a successful student during her university life in and out of university. In addition of being a successful student, she participated in many programs like Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program (IYLEP).

Dania was one of the 10 people who got selected in Iraq for Iraqi Horizons program and done her internship in one of German logistic company C. Spaarmann GmbH in Berlin for 2 months. She was winner of National Information Technology Association (NITA) among 7 universities for E-business solution.

Dania Start working directly after graduating as pricing analyst at Korek telecom and recently start her own business beside her job at Korek as E-marketer. Dania Banaa is top 5 student among 55 student in her class.

Dania is technical-oriented, goal driven, and determined professional with extensive experience in the analysis of business practices, the management of business practices, and pricing. Quickly recognizes, analyses, and solves workplace problems. Gains global experiences through world travel while fluent in Kurdish, Arabic, and English.